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the oaks sessay

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looking forward to my match there in October. Here are some of the catch shots.  The large Ide put up a great fight. I,ve got a club match on the maple lake a week on sunday and i, ve never fished here before. I would appreciate any advice about what size of fish can i expect to catch so i know what elastic and line diameter to y tips on bait would be good also cheers. For some reason the carp aren't settling on the far bank shelf at the moment.

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This pattern followed for the next hour, i cupped in after 5 fish which seemed to keep the fish interested and also on the deck as simple I only got one foul hooked roach. The line went dead and so i tried the margin line, which I'd been throwing 6mm meat into. . no signs of fish and the float stayed definantley still. Mmm, no good there then. Cupped into the "crease" swim and proceeded to go long again. . Nothing next to the reeds, so i tried further away from them, this resulted in another couple of small stockie carp. Conclusion, around 4pm I decided to call it a day. . The venue had fished hard with no regular pattern of bites emerging, i ended up with around 30 fish, for approx 20lb. . All fish were in great condition, the Ide fought well and were a pleasure to catch. The, oaks tackle shop and canteen are top notch with great service, tom the owner is very helpful. .

Decided to give the far bank a go and hooked on a worm, this was quickly taken by a small "stockie" common carp but after that nothing. As the day was moving on it was becoming quite frustrating trying to work out where the fish were. Tom, the owner and came round to collect the day ticket money and asked how I was getting. . he mentioned that it was fishing quite hard at the moment and that I should go on the far shelf crease. . so i shipped out to the crease with a medium pot full of chopped worm, caster and predator plus. . I dropped the float into the red cloud with half a worm on the hook. . A nice roach picked up the bait, followed by some good rudd and then Ide. .

the oaks sessay

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The far shelf had around 18 inches of water. I decided to simply fish the pole all day with white hyrdo and not to bother with a method feeder as I could get the pole to the far bank if needed and the wind wasn't too bad. . I will however get the pole support out for the match to stablise the pole.5 metres. Baits for the day would be half a pint of red/white maggots, 4mm expander pellets, 6mm cubed luncheon meat and the trusty worm. My three lines would be the far shelf, channel and the left hand margin, just off from the empty peg to my left. The session, started by potting in some 4mm on the far shelf near a tuft of reeds and also in the channel. . hooked on a pellet and started in the channel. After 30 minutes, not a touch on the pellet, i switched to maggot which was taken by a small rudd on the drop, not the best start, but at least it was a fish. I was feeding the channel by pot to create some noise and bring the fish in, but after another 30 minutes and a switch back to pellet I had nothing of note landed.

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the oaks sessay

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It is designed for bag the pole anglers, still fairly new but will mature like the others into a good match fishery. After my day at Drayton, i headed North for the rest of the weekend and decided to fish. The, oaks at, sessay, thirsk. . I have an upcoming match with the. Anglercabin guys in October that is on the poplars lake, so this was my chance to familiarse myself with the venue. The, wilton Angling Club were also fishing the lake, they had pegs 20 through to 54, so the pleasure anglers could select pegs 1-19. .

After having a bacon buttie from the friendly and well stocked on-site cafe and buying some 4mm and 6mm fishery pellets I headed down to the lake and found peg 6 looked inviting. . Wilton Angling Club match on Poplars can be found here. A couple of anglers had already taken up residence on pegs 1-5 and a few more a bit further. . I had peg 7 free and thought I could use that to my advantage later in the day. Set Up, plumbing up I found two and a half feet in the channel, just under two foot in the margin and that the far shelf extended quite far out from the bank and had a gradual slope. . so to fish the crease between the far shelf and the channel i only had to go out about 11 metres. . Note to self when fishing the match. .

Poplars lake - this water is on the opposite side to the road as you drive up the track. A long circular lake with a central island from all pegs, but there are also plenty of margin vegetation to target first and last thing in the day. Willows lake - if you fancy pitting your wits against a big carp then find yourself a peg on this lake. There is a large stock of common mirror carp to 23lb, ghost carp to 20lb (very shy) and stunning grass carp that come out up to 23lb. You can use floating baits on this water and can be very effective during the brighter warmer days.

Oaks lake - again this is another match lake and is heavily stocked with carp (crucian, mirror, grass, ghost, koi golden orfe, perch, tench, roach, rudd bream. It is almost oblong in shape and again has a central island. Firs lake - this is a general-purpose lake (keepnets allowed). Again as with all the lakes on this complex it is well stocked with carp up to 10lb, bream to 4lb (loads of skimmers tench to 5lb.). Cedars lake - this is the classic snake lake and is exclusively for match use. It is the newest lake on the complex.

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Alders lake - this is primarily the match lake with even depth and a total of 40 pegs. It is stocked with carp, bream, roach, rudd gudgeon. It has it's own car parking to all pegs. The match weights are very good. It is without doubt a pole venue - long and straight with a thin central island, it is a water dillard that offers even sport for all. Maple lake - you drive past this peculiar shaped snake lake as you drive up the access road, Again it is an all out match lake, but this one does have more attractive pegs than others due to the shape. Fish can swim all the way around, but certain pegs do scream fish when the weather conditions are favourable to those pegs,. Shade during bright sunlight and wind blowing into the corners.

the oaks sessay

Disappointingly nothing happened down the margin and if I was going to do well Id really need a few big fish from there. At the end of the match, the area of the lake had fished really hard and.400 was enough plan for 2nd in the section but an absolute mile behind winner Andy geldarts 67kilo winning weight from Maple there was nothing more to do other. Hopefully next Saturdays qualifier at Barford lakes in Norfolk will be a better experience! Tight Lines, tony curd. This fishery is the perfect getaway from all the stresses of working life, a cracking spot to go fishing if you have no other excuse. There are now 7 lakes on this complex all set in peaceful woodland with easy access to all of the lakes. There are good toilet facilities and also a snack bar on site. The venue grows year by year and now offers over 330 pegs. There is also very good access to disabled anglers to fish both Alders and Maple, which are close to the parking area.

couple were for fishing across to the far bank, a 412 float.13 to.11 hook length a a size 18 B911, this was in just. The other rig for fishing across was for fishing past the sedges in the shallow water tight to the bank which was around a foot deep, this comprised of a 410 float and.13.11 again. A shallow rig was also set up for slapping just away from the far bank where Id feed casters, a 5m line where it was around 4ft deep to fish pellets and a margin rig for fishing long down the edge to my left. At the start, i fed 20 4mm cubes of boosted meat across on one line in front of the sedges and fed my 5m line with some micros and more meat and some corn down the edge. A cube of meat was put on the size 18 and shipped across, to my disappointment nothing happened! I gave it 20 mins on this first line, and decided that it wasnt going to happen there so i filled a small pole mounted pot with some meat and fed a new swim off to my left a bit, a couple of minutes went. Unfortunately only a few more fish followed, and I was already thinking of what to do next. I felt meat wasnt the best way to approach it so i potted some micros tight to the far bank and decided on re feeding my margin line and trying the shallow rig before going across, i put two casters on the hook and fed. Baiting up with a 4mm Xpand pellet, and putting some micros in the cup, a bite straight away was great, 3 more fish followed, and then I got invaded by small skimmers, a few regulars had told me to move swims when this happened.

Being 240 miles plan from home it was a very early start to the day and left the house at around.30am to get there for the draw, arriving at the fishery which ive only visited once before it was clear to see that there had. At the draw, i managed to pluck cedar 50 from the bag, which if Im honest, didnt mean much to me as Im not familiar with the venue. Arriving at the peg, it looks good! In a bit of a corner with some room, exactly what youre after when competing in a fish o mania qualifier. Unbelievably as I walked over to the peg to have a look before getting my gear out, i was greeted by youre having a laughnot again! Looking to my right Barry mason was setting. Nothing strange about that you might think but in all three qualifiers that ive fished so far Barry has been to my right every time, what are the chances of that in a 130 peg match!?

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The oaks lakes at Sessay in North Yorkshire is home to lakes for both match write and pleasure fishing. The lakes originally opened in 1994 starting with the willows lake and over the years it has steadily grown. We currently has 10 lakes with over 400 Pegs, a large café, tackle shop and this year we will be opening a caravan Park in a quiet corner of the lakes so that everyone can come and enjoy the north's most well known fishing complex. If you would like to keep up to date with whats going on and to see the latest match results please like. For the latest match results please visit our Facebook page (updated weekly). Visit our Facebook page ». 0, the oaks fish o mania qualifier with Tony curd. My fisho campaign is now well and truly under way, and on Saturday i headed up to sessay, north Yorkshire for The oaks qualifier.

the oaks sessay
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Personal, extent of the dominion of the laws. Church Farm, sessay, thirsk, thirsk north Yorkshire, yo7 3NB. The, oaks lakes.

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  1. Brought to you by hillary carlip. For some reason the carp aren t settling on the far bank shelf at the moment. Get this fresh resume and cv that highlights your skills as a fashion designer.

  2. My fisho campaign is now well and truly under way, and on Saturday i headed. Sessay, north Yorkshire for The, oaks, qualifier.

  3. After my day at Drayton, i headed North for the rest of the weekend and decided to fish The. Oaks at, sessay, thirsk. I have an upcoming match with the Anglercabin guys in October that is on the poplars lake, so this was my chance to familiarse myself with the venue. Oaks, fish o mania qualifier with Tony curd.

  4. Fishing at the oaks sessay maple lake catching carp. For some reason the carp aren t settling on the far bank shelf at the moment. Try fishing down the track about a foot away from the far shelf.

  5. Oaks, lakes, sessay, a beautiful fishery set in the vale of York with 10 match and pleasure lakes catering for all anglers needs yo7 3bj. Oaks lakes at, sessay in North Yorkshire is home to lakes for both Match and Pleasure fishing. The lakes originally opened in 1994 starting with the willows lake and over the years it has steadily grown and currently has 10 lakes, over 400 Pegs, a large cafe / Tackle Shop and New for 2014 we will be opening a caravan Park. Yorkshire fishing - the premier website for Yorkshire anglers Fishing in Yorkshire.

  6. Match and pleasure fishing on 10 lakes in the, yorkshire countryside. The, oaks, lakes, sessay, thirsk, united Kingdom. Oaks, lakes, sessay, thirsk, united Kingdom.

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