Essay on kite flying festival

Weifang international kite festival : folklore flying

essay on kite flying festival

Uttarayan the, kite, festival of Gujarat

"Uttarayan the kite festival of Gujarat". Retrieved 3 november 2012. Retrieved esai, anjali (2007). India: India guide publication. "International Kite festival Ahmedabad". "Gujarat kite festival to go global". "Ahmedabad sky thrilled with colourful kites, modi spellbound".

What Is a, kite, festival?

17 Types of kites edit during the event, kite markets are set up alongside food stalls and performers. The kites are usually made with materials such as plastic, leaves, wood, metal, nylon and other scrap materials but the ones for Uttarayan are made of light-weight paper and bamboo and are mostly rhombus shaped with central spine and a single bow. 18 dye and paint are also added to increase the glamour of the kite. The lines are covered with mixtures of glue and ground glass which when dried, rolled up and attached to the rear, also known as firkees, become sharp enough to cut skin. 19 These types of sharp lines are used on fighter kites known in India as patangs to cut down other kites during various kite fighting events. During the night, on the second day of the festival, illuminated kites filled with lights and candles known as tukals or tukkals are launched creating a spectacle in the dark sky. 20 In Gujarat kites are made up of two types of paper that is population :- mple paper kites tter paper kites. List of Other Kite festivals edit The Blossom Kite festival also known as Smithsonian Kite festival on Washington Monument. S.A., kites are a real part of the culture in Asia, which is why most of the kite festivals around the world take place in those areas. Here are the most Popular Kites Festival of the world: 21 References edit subhamoy, das.

Kite flying has been a regional event in Gujarat for several years. However the first International Festival was celebrated in 1989 when people from all across the globe participated and showcased their innovative kites. 13 14 In the recent 2012 event, The International Kite festival was inaugurated by Prime minister Narendra modi in the presence of governor. Participants edit pile of colored party kites, prepared for the Uttarayan festival Although the idea of flying kites to celebrate Uttrayan was introduced by muslims from Persia, citation needed today regardless of your background or beliefs, you are welcome to fly kites with everyone else. Most visitors arrive from around India, from Gujarat itself or another state. In major cities of Gujarat, kite flying starts as early as 5 am and goes until late night where approximately 8-10 million people participate in the whole festival. 15 However, many visitors are international who come from around the world, such as Japan, Italy, uk, canada, brazil, Indonesia, australia, the usa, malaysia, singapore, france, china, and many more to take part in the celebration. The kite festival has been strongly influenced by its international participants, in the recent events, for instance: 16 Malaysia brought wau-balang kites Indonesia brought llayang-llayanghave usa brought giant banner kites Japan brought rokkaku fighting kites Italy brought Italian sculptural kites Chinese brought Flying Dragon kites. In 2004, for example, the bollywood actress Juhi Chawla was part of the celebration and performed a garba (dance) which is very popular in India.

essay on kite flying festival

Battle in the sky!

The festival takes place hibernation on 14 January of each year during the makar Sankranti and continues until 15 January. This date marks the end of winter and the return essay of a more clement weather for farmers of the gujarat region. These days have also become a public holiday within the gujarat state of India so that everyone can take part in the celebration. 15th January is known as ' vasi Uttarayan '. History edit The symbolism of this festival is to show the awakening of the gods from their deep sleep. Through India's history, it is said that India created the tradition of kite flying due to the kings and royalties later followed by nawabs who found the sport entertaining and as a way to display their skills and power. It began as being a sport for kings, but over time, as the sport became popular, it began to reach the masses.

In the heart of Ahmedabad, there is one of the most famous Kite markets - patang bazaar, which during the festive week opens 24 hours a day with buyers and sellers negotiating and buying in bulk. 10 Moreover, many families in Ahmadabad start making kites at home and setup small shops in their own homes. 11 There is also a kite museum, located at Sanskar Kendra in Paldi area of Ahmedabad. Established in 1985, it contains a collection of unique kites. 12 Other parts of India also celebrate kite festival. In Delhi on 15 August and most of Bihar's districts on 14 April. It is said because they just prepare new crop wheat. People offer prayers, eat Sattu (made from new crop wheat) and new mangoes (baby mango also known as tikola ).

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essay on kite flying festival

The weymouth beach, kite, festival

Undhiyu (a mixed vegetable including yam and beans sesame seed brittle and. Jalebi is served to the crowds. 3 4, days before the festival, life the market is filled with participants buying their supplies. In 2012, the tourism Corporation of Gujarat mentioned that the International Kite festival in Gujarat was attempting to enter the. Guinness World Records book due to the participation of 42 countries in it that year. 5, contents, location essay edit, the International Kite festival takes place.

The festival is called, uttarayan. The festival is celebrated in many cities of Gujarat, telangana and Rajasthan like ahmedabad, jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, surat, vadodara, rajkot, hyderabad, nadiad, dakor. However, the International Kite event takes place. Ahmedabad (Kite capital of Gujarat) which accommodates visitors from many international destinations. 6 7 The best place to enjoy this festival is the sabarmati riverfront (its sabarmati river bank with capacity of over 500,000 people) 8 or the Ahmedabad Police Stadium, where people lay down to see the sky filled with thousands of kites 9 During the.

Though the business not run properly in initial stages still handle it properly and dont lose the hope. It is similar to the kite which does not fly properly in the beginning but when it reaches at certain height no body is able to give you a competition. Every year, gujarat celebrates more than 200 festivals. International Kite festival (Uttarayan) is regarded as one of the biggest festivals celebrated. 1, months before the festival, homes in Gujarat begin to manufacture kites for the festival.

The festival of Uttarayan marks the day when winter begins to turn into summer, according to the. It is the sign for farmers that the sun is back and that harvest season is approaching which is called. This day is considered to be one of the most important harvest day in India. Many cities in Gujarat organize kite competition between their citizens where the people all compete with each other. In this region of Gujarat and many other states, Uttarayan is such a huge celebration that it has become a public holiday in India for two days. 2, during the festival, local food such.

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Similarly, people carry out business in various ways. Some businesses are carried out by just one person as in the the case of sole proprietorship, whereas some businesses are carried out by more than one person as in the case of partnership, company and co-operative societies. The better and stronger the string of the kite is, the more strings of the other kites it cuts. Similarly, the better the equipment and technology Is used by the business, the more successful the business will become and will be able to avoid its components. A small boy who does not know how to fly a kite, asks his father to fly the kite for him. Then father will fly the kite make it reach to a certain height and then the kite is handed over to the small boy. Similar is in the case with Sole Proprietorship form of Business, father starts the business and once his son grows mature enough to handle the business, he hands over the business to his son and therefore his son enjoys the right of inheritance. So we see there are many small small things of kite flying that are related to the business. The most important thing is not ever loose hope in your business.

essay on kite flying festival

It is similar to the business, working of word business depends upon the person who is handling that business. If the ceo or the director of the company or firm is only not mature enough to understand the basic concepts of business properly and to handle it properly then business runs nowhere in the world. Every time there would be losses in the business, no profit figures will be seen on balance sheet. Once your kite has reached high up in the sky above many other kites in the sky, other kites tries to reach near your kite to give a competition similarly once when you have created better image of your business and your business has achieved. There is always a risk of shutting down of business if it is not handled properly. Everyone has their own way of flying kites. Some fly kites on their own without taking the help of others while some take the help of others.

of the wind. Similarly one should start a business in which the product have a demand in the market and if there is no demand in market for the product then business will definitely suffer a loss in the market. One should only do a business which has a good scope in the future. On the other hand weather also plays an important role in flying a kite. If weather is windy kite will be able to fly properly similarly demand plays an important role in the business one should only select the product for a business which has high demand in the future. Sometimes kite does not fly properly; it goes up and down and does not remain stable in the sky similarly business also undergoes several instability in its life time like recession, deflation, overproduction, fall in demand, fall in prices, strikes by employees, etc. Business will have to overcome many hurdles to reach its goal. Business will have to scan through all its opportunities available for it and pass through all the obstacles to reach to a particular opportunity. The flying of the kite in the air also depends upon the person who is flying the kite, he should know how to fly the kite, otherwise no matter for whatever times he/she tries he will not able to fly the kite.

Our hand start aching when we are into flying a kite for long time. And similarly one faces the lots of difficulties when he/she start a new business. There are many different essay ways of flying kite and each way of it can be compared with different form of business organisation. Some people have the habit, skill and talent to fly the kite on their own like sole Proprietorship form of business where whole business is handled by a single person similarly some have the habit to take the help of the others to fly. People use different types of strings for flying their kites. They will choose and use the best string to fly the kite high up in the air to give tough competition to other kites and will enable for their kites to stay for longer time in sky. Similarly all business organisations should adopt such ways and method to remain stable in their market and to maintain their goodwill in this competitive market. They should use the best marketing strategy suitable for their product and they should have the best human resource department which can develop newer and better marketing strategies for their product to be famous in the market.

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A kite is a tethered Aircraft. Kite flying is one of the most popular sports and festival in India. According to the Greek literature, kite-flying dates back to as old as 14th century and later came to India and other Asian countries. Kite festival in India is popular the worldwide qualitative and celebrated with great fun and excitement. We have been enjoying the festival of kites since childhood but we have never thought of lessons which kite flying can teach us especially business and management lessons. Following are some lessons which can be learnt from kite flying. Kite flying is not an easy task. For a beginner, even after 10 tries, there still are possibilities that he may not be able to fly the kite. Just like business, it involves various skill and talent to take it to high up in the sky.

essay on kite flying festival
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Through India s history, it is said that India created the tradition of kite flying due to the kings and royalties later followed by nawabs who found the sport. Many birds get injured or killed as thousands take to the terraces to fly kites to celebrate makar Sankranti on 14 January, marking the arrival.

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  1. Kite flying is one of the most popu lar sports and festival in India. According to the Greek literature, kite-flying dates. Every year, gujarat celebrates more than 200 festivals. The International Kite fes tival.

  2. Winter, anyone into motion amir s festival of bang for their traditional. An event is best experienced at the heart of all the action. A per fect example of this was makar Sankranti or Uttarayan the kite flying festival. A kite is a tethered Aircraft.

  3. Bassant festival is the city, all these. Giant flying on pilot for the perimeter i s perfect kite runner essay oct. Listed results 1, songs, kite free english. Essay on kite flying - professional and cheap paper to make easier your.

  4. Short Paragraph on Kite Flying Festival in India kite Flying is a popular festival in India. On the day of makar Sankaranti, the kite flying festival is celebrated. Paragraph on Significance of Our National flag (India)In Essays.

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